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“Y.O.L.O” Trademark Holder Claims Drake Is A Joke

And all this time we thought that Dreezy came up with YOLO!


Check out what Sohh is reporting:

Young Money rapper Drake may need to simmer down his issues with retailers using the acronym “Y.O.L.O.” as new reports claim a restaurant owner trademarked it three years ago. According to reports, restaurant owner Tim Petrillo trademarked “Y.O.L.O.” back in January 2010.

Clean Plate Charlie spoke to restauranteur Tim Petrillo, co-owner of YOLO in Fort Lauderdale to get his take on Drake’s lawsuit threats. Petrillo’s response, “I think Drake saying that is such a joke.” Why so funny? Because Petrillo actually holds the YOLO trademark. So here it is: the actual copyright. And it doesn’t belong to Drake. Apparently, the rapper doesn’t know much about law. (Broward Palm Beach) Continue reading



T.I. recently announced that his new album will be called Trouble Man and that it’s scheduled to be released in early 2012. But to close this year out right, T.I. is the cover man for the December issue of Vibe magazine.

In the issue, the rapper touched on politics and past comments from others that his wife Tiny should have taken the fall for his 2010 drug charge. See excerpts from the interview below. Continue reading