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New Diss Music From Lil Kim: Identity Theft (Nicki Minaj Diss)

Lil Kim still going in on Nicki Minaj!  The cover art is clever though!

lil kim identity theft

New Twitter Beef: Lil Kim Goes In On Wendy Williams On Twitter For Talking About Her Face (Tweets)

wendy williams vs lil kim

In promotion of her Hot Topics segment, Wendy tweeted a video of her talking about Lil Kim’s dramatic transformation, through what she claims is plastic surgery.  Check out the tweets: 

lil kim tweet 1

lil kim tweet 2

lil kim tweet 3

Miss Wendy….you have some nerve talking about anybody!


No U Aint of the day: Lil’ Kim what have you done??

Remember this young,cute,sexy,and provocative rapper??

Now look at her!

Yikes!!!!! Lil’ Kim what have you done to yourself??

You get todays No U Aint!!

Hide your wife,hide your kids…

No U Aint of the day: Lil’ Kim what have you done to yourself?

Once upon a time there was a cute lil’ female Mc from NY by the name of Lil’ Kim. Well from the looks of this 2012 picture Lil’ Kim NO longer exist and she has now transformed into Simba from the lion king..Damn Damn Damn

Simba please return our Queen Bee.

Lil’ Kim speaks on Nicki Minaj,Biggie,Faith Evans,& more with The Breakfast club (Video)

Lil Kim chops it up with the Breakfast Club about her label situation with TrackMasters, The Biggie Movie, Prison, Nicki Minaj and plastic surgery among other things.

Lil’ Kim really isn’t feeling Nick Minaj what so ever..

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