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LL Cool J Broke 56 Year-Old Burglar’s Nose, Jaw & Ribs, Says LA Attorney Spokesperson

Details on the damage rap star LL Cool J gave to a home intruder this week has surfaced online, including injuries to the criminal’s face and upper body.

Details of how badly LL beat up the 56 year-old criminal landed online Thursday (August 23).

A man charged with breaking into LL Cool J’s home Wednesday morning faces a long prison sentence if convicted because of his previous convictions, the prosecutor’s spokeswoman said Thursday. Jonathan Kirby, 56, suffered a broken nose, jaw and ribs when he encountered the muscular rapper-actor inside his Sherman Oaks, Caklifornia, home, according to Los Angeles County District Attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons.

The burglar could reportedly face nearly 40 years behind bars.

Jonathan Kirby, 56, was charged with residential burglary with a person present, which in combination with his criminal history could result in significant prison time. Kirby, who is facing his third strike or serious or violent felony, faces a possible maximum sentence of 38 years in state prison.

LL’s representative released a statement on the robbery attempt’s aftermath yesterday (August 22).

“LL Cool J, and his family, are safe and thank everyone for their thoughts and concern. As a father, husband and citizen, he is committed to keeping his family safe and is cooperating with authorities on this private matter,” a representative for Smith said Wednesday.

We guess the burglar forgot “Momma said knock you out”!

New Ludacris- “Jingalin” (Video)

Ludacris wilds out in what he calls the “craziest video of his career” for “Jingalin’,” the first single off his upcoming album Ludaversal.

The Atlanta rapper, whose last album Battle of the Sexes was released in 2010, gets into all sorts of mischief—refereeing a jello wrestling match, driving a car into a pool, and hanging out with Oompa Loompas. Ne-Yo and the track’s producers Da Internz also get in on the madness.

“We’re just having fun, man,” said Ludacris. “This is a real party. It’s not like telling a whole bunch of people what to do. It’s not trying to make it seem like we’re having fun. We literally having fun. We wildin’ the f**k out.”

Pop the hood on Luda’s new video

LL Cool J Announces New Virtual Studio Software And Upcoming LP

Don’t call it a comeback; he’s been here for years…
According to The Boombox, LL Cool J has partnered up with Sony and his social
network site Boomdizzle to launch a new virtual studio production software, My
Connect Studio.

My Connect Studio connects musicians in a virtual environment to record music
with each other from virtually anywhere!

LL explained at a recent press conference that the program will help connect
far-flung producers and emcees live in a virtual studio. “Producers email me the
track, I’m emailing vocals – they don’t like something, I’m sending it back.
We’re going back and forth and doing this dance,” he explained. “A lot of music
is being created that way right now. What I wanted to do is be able to create
music in real time…you may get with a kid from London, you may get with a kid
from Paris simply because you went on the site and visited the lobby and met
somebody and went into a session and started creating. So this is the next level
of music creation.” Continue reading

New Music: Ludacris Takes It Back To The Strip Club With “Jingalin” [Audio]

With all of the subliminal and direct shots Ludacris has been trading back and forth some of the new school artists, it seems as though he has his focus back on what we love him for the most….THE MUSIC!!!!

Check out Luda’s latest Strip Club Anthem “Jingalin,” the latest single from his upcoming album Ludaversal, due in September.



A night of tribute at the 2012 Grammy Awards

Sunday’s Grammy Awards, held in the wake of Whitney Houston’s sudden death the day before, was the second-most watched Grammys on record, TV ratings showed.

The Grammys scored points for balancing the two main storylines of the evening: The farewell to Whitney Houston, and the arrival of Adele. The show led off with a heartfelt prayer for Houston from host LL Cool J, and ended with Adele’s triumph for Album of the Year, which was her 6th Grammy of the night.


Jennifer Hudson delivered an emotional tribute to Houston with her rendition of, “I Will Always Love You.” In Entertainment Weekly’s judgment,” a performance that Houston herself would have been proud of.” Pop Matters praised it as a “‘near-flawless imitation’ of Houston’s original.” We thought her performance was outstanding also, but we would have loved to hear Aretha Franklin or maybe Brandy perform one of Houston’s songs.

                                  Jennifer Hudson

Katy Perry’s and Taylor Swift’s performances had the most live viewers, with some 43 million people tuning in to watch during that half hour. Kanye West received 3 Grammys for Best Rap Performance, Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song, but the artist was not present at the show last night to claim his awards.

Katy Perry

While Nicki Minaj’s and Chris Brown’s performances fell severely short, with Nicki enacting what looked to be an on-stage exorcism, the audience seemed more receptive to the several almost-forgotten-about artists, such as Glenn Campbell, the Beach Boys and Bruce Springtsteen ….Overall, the three-and-a-half-hour telecast averaged about 39 million viewers, the most since Michael Jackson-“Thriller” mania in 1984, a year before Whitney Houston’s own record debut.

Nicki Minaj

Pop the hood on who won a Grammy right here:

Pop the hood on Jennifer Hudson singing “I will always love you”

RIP Whitney!!We will miss you!