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Kid Bust A Michael Jackson Move at Bobcats vs. Heat NBA Game

You can’t tell us that MJ didn’t step into that arena….

Colin Farrell Had an “Romantic Relationship” with Elizabeth Taylor??

If you thought Colin Farrell and Britney Spears made a strange couple, wait until you hear this.

The actor opened up to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Monday about his “romantic relationship” with none other than Elizabeth Taylor.

article-2524724-1A253B6600000578-904_634x488Farrell met the legendary actress at Cedars Sinai Hospital in 2009, when he was there for the birth of his son Henry and she for getting a stent put in her heart.

“I said, ‘Will you tell her I said hello? She probably won’t know who I am,'” he said of running into her manager Tim Mendelsohn. “And they go, ‘No, she knows who you are.’ And I went, ‘Wow, cool. Well, tell her I said hello and I wish her the best,’ and they said, ‘Will do.'”

 Unable to shake Taylor from his mind, Farrell had his publicist send her flowers only to find out that Taylor shared a similar idea and sent him an orchid with a handwritten note.

A week letter, Farrell, 37, arranged to visit Taylor. “And that was the beginning of a year and a half or two years of what was a really cool [relationship]. It was kind of like the last — it feels like in my head, not hers, I’m projecting — but the last kind of romantic relationship I had.

But before you go dipping your brain in bleach to wipe the mental image of Farrell and Taylor in bed wearing nothing but diamonds, Farrell said the relationship “was never consummated.”

Instead, the pair enjoyed late-night phone calls. “It was really cool, and she wasn’t much of a sleeper at night, like I’m not, so at two o’clock in the morning, I’d call her,” he said. “I’d call her at two in the morning, and the nurse would answer the phone, and I’d say, ‘Is she awake?’… And then I’d be on the phone and I’d hear, ‘Hello?’ And I’d go, ‘How’s it going?’ And we’d talk for a half an hour, an hour, into the wee hours.

“I just adored her,” the Irish actor gushed of Taylor, who died in 2011 at 79. “She was a spectacular, spectacular woman. I wanted to be [husband] number eight, but we ran out of road.”

How would MJ felt about this?


Pop the hood on Colin sitting down with Ellen.

Video: Rihanna – Pour It Up (NSFW)

And now, the momment we’ve all been waiting for….or maybe not. Rihanna finally releases the long-awaited video for the Strip Club Anthem, “Pour It Up” after a few days of teasers, behind the scenes and audition videos for the shoot.

I think we all knew what to expect from this video, but it just seems like Rihanna took a page from the Miley Cyrus Book Of Twerkology on this one. If this trend keeps up, we won’t be able to distinguish the Pop Stars from the Professional P Poppers.

So check out this montage of Pole Acrobatics & some serious Aqua-Twerking (if you hear anyone else use this term, tell them to break bread with the AM Caffeine Crew). And is it just us…or does Rihanna favor Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip Hop ATL in some of the shots (Where’s Steebie J???)


Jazz icon George Duke dies at 67

Jazz musician George Duke died Monday in Los Angeles at age 67.


A pioneer in the funk and R&B genres, he had been battling chronic lymphocytic leukemia, according to his label Concord Music Group, which confirmed his death.

“The outpouring of love and support that we have received from my father’s friends, fans and the entire music community has been overwhelming,” said his son, Rashid Duke, in a statement. “Thank you all for your concern, prayers and support.”

The Grammy Award-winning keyboardist produced and collaborated with artists such as Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, Jill Scott and Michael Jackson during his career of more than four decades. His music was also sampled by Kanye West, Daft Punk and Common.

Duke’s final album, DreamWeaver, was released July 16 and made its debut at No. 1 on Billboard‘s contemporary jazz chart. It was his first new music since the death of his wife, Corine, last year.

RIP to one the Greatest musicians ever!

Smoooth Dee’s Heat 4 The Week: JimiJames – Lead Me On

If you don’t know, you better figure it out real quick because JimiJames is definitely one the top artists to check for in 2013. Peep her new single, “Lead Me On,” produced by Wow Jones.

And to find out more about what’s going on with JimiJames, check out www.jimijamesmusic.com