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Bigg Pwee Peaches – Cassandra Melinda

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Tiara Harris aka Tiara 4Ever was born on July 6, 1976 in Richmond, California as Tiara Kristen Harris. Tiara’s parents were never married but she was never deprived of a Mother or Father; love and support from them was always expressed to her. With a step father as an Military Sargent; Tiara spent most of her childhood traveling. As an Military Brat she was fortunate enough to have two fathers in her life. Along her travels as a child she spent seven years in Germany, Atlanta and Washington. Her years in Europe were spent traveling to play basketball which she became fond of.

Tiara lived with her mother, father and two brothers until she was sixteen. She then moved in with her father who taught and encouraged her many ways in life in which she is grateful for.

Tiara got into modeling by being tricked into coming to a fashion show practice by a friend of her’s, Tiara ended up doing a fashion show. Overall the response to her participation in the fashion show was positive. Later on Tiara decided to give to put herself out there while being a major in marketing. As Tiara’s career began to progress she has been featured in many music videos and magazines


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BP- Peaches – Rikki Renee

BP Peaches has found another bomb shell she goes by the name Rikki Renee. The Peach recently started her modeling career after promoting many parties in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. After landing her first flyer for a local promotional company, Rikki Renee began to take a more serious look into the modeling industry. After a test shoot with local photographer Jeff Martin, Rikki decided to pursue modeling full-time. She then joined a modeling network site and within two weeks of joining she landed her first magazine spread. From that point forward, she hasnt looked back. Rikki Renee has since shot with several published photographers and is looking forward to her next appearance in a national publication. Rikki Renee is a motivated business woman, that is soon to be a household name!

BP Peaches – Candace Cabrera


Bringing another HOT SEXY & SMART PEACH now this one was raised in the humble hills of the Bluegrass State, Candace “Black” Cabrera is anything but your ol’ average country girl. Originally from Ashland Kentucky, this blue-eyed bombshell is definitely clearing all hurdles in her way.

Candace has always been ahead of the pack. Emerging from the University of Kentucky’s College of Business as a seasoned runner and Marketing grad, ThisPeach continues to prove she will stop at nothing to be the total package. With beauty and brains in tow, while on hiatus from her pre-med studies, Candace landed in “tv-land” by way of VH-1’s hit reality series Flavor of Love 3 which Flava Flav gave her the nick name “Black” she also been link to Cincinnati Bengal’s wide-receiver Terrell Owens.

After her debut, SMOOTH Magazine quickly took notice of the multi-cultural beauty and whisked her away to the sunny beaches of Jamaica to shoot a layout. The rest is history. Whether it’s on the silver screen, or gracing the pages of your favorite magazine, one thing’s for sure Candace “Black” Cabrera is here to stay.