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Hugh Hefner Has Been With Over 1,000 Women!

hugh hefner

But when he was married, he was faithful! Thank goodness.

In a new interview wth Esquire magazine, he was asked to estimate the number of women that he has slept with. And he said, “Over a thousand, I’m sure.”

Hugh said when he wasn’t married, he made up for lost time.

Is anyone surprised?

Playboy Pictures of Lindsay Lohan leaked

Lindsay Lohan‘s much-discussed $1 million Playboy spread has now leaked online in its entirety

Photographed by Yu Tsai, the photos feature Lindsay emulating the classic Tom Kelly nude pictorial of Marilyn Monroe which was in the original issue of Playboy back in 1955

The photoshop skills on display are incredible. Not only is her silver ankle bracelet nowhere to be seen, but her freckles and tattoos seem to have disappeared as well Continue reading

Why is Kim Kardashian so upset?

Why is Kimmy Kardashian so upset? WORD HAS IT that she took her clothes off and didn’t like what she saw.

On Sunday night’s ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York,’ Kim got a copy of the W Magazine in which she posed nude, and said she felt violated. Continue reading