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Chris Brown Puts Karrueche Tran On Blast: “I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake!”

karrueche-tran breaks up with chris brownWe guess it’s safe to say that Chris Brown and on-off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran’s relationship is officially OVER.  The singer took to his Instagram account Saturday night to put her on blast, but quickly deleted it.  The post read:

It amazes me that you can change and elevate somebody’s life completely and they treat you like a regular nigga…BUT IM SLEEP.

We’ve got scars, some of them u gave me, some of them I’ve caused. That ride or die act we have been fooling the world with obviously ain’t working. I was locked up for damn near 4 months and only got 1 visit from you while u was hosting parties and taking secret trips to Toronto, going on dates with Drake! When this relationship first started u knew what it was and even participated in threesomes. I slowed all that shit down. So let’s not try to save face for public opinion because I don’t need to play victim so people can take my side. All these celebrity niggas ain’t shit and focus only on themselves. I made it clear to the world who my girl was and made your life equal to mine even at the cost of me not focusing on my career at times. So miss me wit the bullshit. Now yall know the real.

chris brown instagramWowzers.  If this is true, she must’ve been the inspiration behind “These h*es ain’t loyal.”

After Breezy deleted the Instagram post, he later took to his Twitter account and posted, “If u love me, hold me down and I’ll do the same.. But if this is for your image I ain’t wit it.”

Chris Brown tweet

Naughty By Nature Breaks Up?


Naughty by Nature fans may never get to see them together again because a member has been booted from the crew. The New Jersey hip hop trio — Treach, Vin Rock (aka Vinnie) and DJ Kay Gee — has disbanded, news of which was made public by way of a pretty revealing Twitter post from Treach.

“Vinnie from NAUGHTY BY NATURE is Officially FIRED!! Anything he does besides shows til Sept is Frugazy!! F— him & the Ground he Walks!!”

Leaving no room for misinterpretation, Treach followed up the tweet with another angry proclamation. Continue reading

Breaking News! Fred Flinstone Fired From Fruity Pebbles!

Say it ain’t so!  First Twinkies retire and now this?


WWE wrestler John Cena is replacing Fred Flintstone on the Fruity Pebbles cereal box because “Fred isn’t necessarily the … coolest or [most] relevant guy for kids who we are going after,” admits Post Cereals marketing director, Sharon Pupel. So instead they’re slapping John Cena’s mug on four million boxes starting this week as part of a special promotion.

“We’ve just been talking with kids,” the marketing hat continued. “They wanted more variety.”

Now, it’s true this is merely a temporary promotion—so there’s no reason for hardcore Flintstones fans to break out the pitchforks. But Post did talk of the spandex bro returning to the box in the fall “when school is back in session.”

Maybe it’s a good idea to get used to this?