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Raz B Hospitalized After Bottle Attack

Singer Raz B can’t catch a break. The former B2K singer was recently hit in the face with a glass bottle while performing in China.


According to the singer, he was performing at a club in Zhejiang and he noticed a fight break out in the crowd. Raz went over to break up the commotion and was rewarded with a bottle to the face. The bottle bashing resulted in Raz B having multiple cuts and gashes on his face and and around his mouth.

raz-b-bottle-bash1When police arrived, they removed Raz B and the man who hit him with the bottle from the club. Both were taken to jail, but Raz B was quickly released once it was discovered he was the innocent party in he matter. After leaving jail, Raz went to the hospital where he underwent a surgical procedure to repair the “hole” in his lip. Raz received four stitches as a result of the surgical procedure.

Raz B says he doesn’t plan on pressing any charges, but he does plan on moving back to the United States and working on a “big comeback.”

Where is Omarion when you need him??

Former B2K member Raz-B pens tell-all book, plans to expose R&B stars

According to PRLog, former B2K member Raz B (DeMario Thornton) plans to expose Chris Brown, Ray J and Bow Wow in a tell-all book titled This Boy’s Life. The memoir, which is set to be released this fall, discusses the alleged molestation he suffered by former manager Chris Stokes and the undercover gay relationships other young R&B stars were involved in at the time .

After admitting his own stories of homosexual behaviors back in 2007, he continued to consistently speak out about his abuse, even graphically describing his experiences during the Eddie Long debacle in 2011. Thornton’s claims have made him an outcast in the industry and have landed him in various legal troubles and Twitter beefs with former friends.

Pop the hood to see what he’s saying about Chris Brown, Ray-J, Bow Wow and former band mate Maybach O and B2K: Continue reading

Raz B not happy with fellow B2K members

Former B2K member Raz B has come out of hiding to blast his former group members. Since alleging he and the other members of B2K were sexually abused by their manager Chris Stokes, Raz B has gone into hiding in China.
While living in China, Omarion, J-Boog, and Lil Fizz reunited in the studio to put together new material. Raz wasn’t invited for obvious reasons and is heated over their shunning of him. Raz B went in about his former group on Twitter. Raz B also used Chris Brown as inspiration for speaking up again.

Here are the Tweets.

This is a touchy subject(Pun intended) so we are going to be silent on this one.

Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance writes a rather interesting apology letter….WTH is “humgruffin”?

Here we go again.  Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance wants to apologize for his part in the corny beef between Raz B and Chris Brown. A few weeks ago, he made a youtube video threatening to bust a cap in C-Breezy’s ass if he ever saw him in LA.  Now he’s releasing this bootleg apology via TMZ.  Pop the hood to see what Ricky Romance had to say: Continue reading

No U Aint of the Day: Has Raz B lost his mind?

Raz B…Raz B….Raz B.  What can we say?  Along with losing his mind he lost about 4,000 of his new twitter followers after posting a message to twitter claiming that he never tweeted the message to Chris Brown that started their highly publicized twitter beef.

I must be honest with everyone! Like I sent a message to @Chrisbrown I honestly never tweeted that message to Chris! I did say something along the line however my respect for chris I would never do him like that! That’s why I had to step up and make things right!

To add all these videos you see of my emotions I never posted them nor tagged them! People try real hard to tear you down! Look how the media try to do Chris! At the same time things shouldnt had been said! Its the people around me that started this! so please stop the hate mail.

Nice try on trying to “squash beef” Raz B, but NO U AINT!