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Love & HIp Hop’s Joseline Hernandez Talks Stevie J, Her Stripper Past and Whether Or Not Her Butt Is Real

Although we had to miss Monday’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop due to the Direct TV/Viacom squabble that’s going on (did we mention we hate them both right now?), we saw Twitter going nuts about cast member Joseline Hernandez.  Apparently she’s still a hot mess (although – we’ll have to watch it for ourselves to be the judge).  Our folks over at Global Grind got the opportunity to catch up with her.  Pop the hood to check out a few excerpts from her interview–including why she still loves her some Stevie J. (or as she calls him even in her tweets now, Steebie):

How did you link up with Stevie J?

I met Stevie J at the strip club when I used to dance. And I also knew that I wanted to do music, that I wanted to be a rapper. I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be an actress. I also knew that and I met him through a friend of his and mine. We spoke. Then a couple of days after, I met him again at the studio, through another friend of mine that was trying to get in the business, and he said, ‘well, I think you should get in the business.’ I was like: ‘I always wanted to get into the business and sing and dance and do everything like this, but I always got fast money in the strip club,’ so I wasn’t really taking my career like I am now. Ever since then, we started working together, and here we are now.

What’s the most surprising thing about Stevie J that Love & Hip-Hop doesn’t show?

Stevie is a ladies’ man. What’s wrong with that? As bad as they talk about him, and he’s this and he’s that, every woman will let Stevie J play them, too. To me it’s a joke. Stevie, he loves all women. He loves women! There’s nothing wrong with that. If I was a man, I would love them too. Believe me. I’m not a man, and I love them, so I can just imagine if I was. He just loves women. But, Stevie’s a good person. To me, he’s a sweetheart. He doesn’t show me anything but being a gentleman. He can be an ass, but that’s everyone. He’s a sweetheart. A lot of people don’t know that about him. Oh, and another thing, he knows how to cook really, really, really good. Continue reading