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Beyonce & Jay Z Shutdown Divorce Rumors At 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Rumors have been swirling for months that power couple Beyoncé and Jay Z have hit the rocks during their On the Run Tour and are headed for a split. But Jay and Bey put those suspicions to bed (in a not-particularly-subtle way) at the MTV Video Music Awards, when the rapper and the couple’s daughter, Blue Ivy, presented mom Beyoncé with her lifetime achievement awards.

Jay Z and Blue Ivy watched Beyoncé perform songs from her latest album before taking the stage to honor her.  Then Beyoncé cried as she took her award from her husband and her young daughter. The two locked lips, dispelling any notion that there’s trouble in paradisea show of marital bliss for all the world to see.

“I have nothing to say, but I’m filled with so much gratitude,” Beyoncé said. “I thank God for this moment. I love y’all so much. Blue Blue, I love you. My beloved, I love you. My fans, I love you. MTV, I love you. Goodnight.”

Operation shutdown complete. Well played, Jay and Bey. Well played.

Rumor Control: Frank Ocean Was NOT Pulled Over For “Suspicious Behavior”


frank-ocean_thelavalizardReports detailing the recent arrest of singer Frank Ocean have turned out to be inaccurate.  (Oops!  Sorry Franky!)

While Frank Ocean was detained by police early this morning, in Mammoth Lake, California, it was due to a routine traffic stop according to a statement obtained by CBS Local.

According to the actual police report, the singer’s sexuality had nothing to do with his arrest.

Frank Ocean was pulled over and detained for driving with a suspended license, marijuana possession and a tinted window violation.

The rapper was driving a black BMW on US-395, exceeding the 65 mile-per-hour speed limit, when his vehicle was pulled over.

Most of the reports circulating online played on Frank Ocean’s homosexuality, and claimed he had been arrested for “suspicious behavior,” with a male lover in his car.

Apparently, a post to the singer’s Instagram page from the backseat of the police car sparked the innuendos and rumors.

Spotted @ AllHipHop

Rumor Alert: A Second Kanye West Sex Tape Is Being Shopped

Hell to the naw! The horror of one Kanye West sex tape is bad enough, but our folks over at TMZ are saying there is a second tape. How could that happen? Check it out:

Kanye West is a sex tape master — TMZ has learned, the rapper filmed himself doing the deed MORE than once in recent years … and TWO tapes are currently being shopped to the highest bidder.

The reports are true … a Kanye sex tape featuring a young woman in a hotel room is making the rounds — but what you haven’t heard … there’s a second tape and the 2 are nearly identical.

Both tapes are impressively long — the first is roughly twenty minutes … and the second is more than FORTY. And we’re talking constant action. Seriously, the guy takes no breaks. It’s incredible. Almost Sting-like.

We’re told the tapes were both shot several years ago with exes.

The tapes are currently being shopped to media outlets by a third party.

Sources close to Kanye tell us the rapper has no idea how the videos were lifted from his computer — but if anyone releases the footage … we’re told Kanye plans to go after the culprits with a legal vengeance.

Kanye’s current GF Kim Kardashian rose to fame after her sex tape was released. And now, her boyfriend has steamy sex tapes of his own. Freaks!

Kirk Frost Denies Fathering Child With Stepdaughter

Earlier this week Kirk Frost was at the center of a very nasty and unbelievable rumor making the rounds on these internets, after it was alleged he had a baby with his step-daughter from a previous marriage. In case you didn’t know Kirk is married to and manages “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member Rasheeda.

Kirk took to Twitter to shut down the rumors and went off on the bloggers who reported the story:

Well there you have it ladies and gents!

Rumor Control: Montell Jordan Is Not Dead

Montell Jordan is the victim of a death hoax. The R&B singer was falsely said to have been “found dead” in his Atlanta condo in Twitter messages attributed to “CNN.”

This is 100% false and the This Is How We Do It singer is alive and well.

The real @CNN account never reported Jordan’s alleged “death,” nor did any other legitimate news outlets.

Nevertheless, the rumor quickly spread on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, where Jordan’s name began trending nationwide.

Jordan was in good humor about the “news” tweeting…

“Sorry to disappoint… But I’m a new daddy and still got a lot of living to do!”

Jordan added…

“My son just told me I can’t be dead because I’m sitting here talking to him.”

A similar rumor falsely “killed” Mariah Carey in June.

Smh. We wonder who these social networks will kill off next!