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More Celebrities React to Clippers’ Owner Donald Sterling’s Racist Rant

Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling is catching a lot of heat for his racist rant that was leaked to TMZ Saturday morning.  Pop the hood to see what some well known figures have to say:

Clipper’s Coach Doc Rivers:

Magic Johnson:


Rev. Jesse Jackson:

Al Sharpton:

And of course, we save the best for last, Snoop Dogg:



Super Beef Between Shaq and Dwight “D12” Howard?


Shaquille Oneal formally of the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavs, Phoenix Suns, and almost every other team in the NBA, has decided to keep up his relentless jabs at Dwight Howard. Check out the latest quote from the Big Aristotle.

“We as players, we always watch people before us. When I came in it was Patrick Ewing and Hakeem Olajuwan, guys who played like true centers who played inside. What we have now are centers that are going to the European style, which is a lot of pick-and-roll. Dwight Howard, who’s a pick-and-roll player, some people say he’s the best center in the league, but me being an old-school center, I’m going to go with Robin Lopez and Andrew Bynum because they play with their back to the basket.”

First of all Snaq: Robin Lopez is the wrong guy we think you mean his twin brother Brook Lopez and even if you do mean Brook Lopez theres no way he’s better than Dwight Howard. Check out the next quotes from Snaq Oneal. Continue reading

Splitsville: Shaq & Hoopz

Shaq is a cold blooded.  His love affair with Flavor of Love star Hoopz is a wrap. About two weeks ago he dropped his fiancée Hoopz like a bad habit. And to make matters worse, not only did he dump the girl,  he had his security escort her out of his house.

A source told vibe “Hoopz got emotional, and Shaq had to protect himself [from a lawsuit] . . . so he left the house and had [his security] help Hoopz gather her things and leave,”

Wow (in our Flavor Flav voice). That’s deep, Shaq why you do ya boo like that. Not that we really thought this was going to last anyway, but did you have to do her like that?

Neither Shaq or Hoopz have made any comments about the break-up


Shaq’s wifey Hoopz picks him up and carries him on her back

WHAT IN THE!?  We knew Shaq’s wifey Hoopz was swoll and all but DAMN!  Earlier this week Shaq paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel LIVE to promote his new book as well as talk about life after the NBA. While there, Jimmy made a few jokes about Shaq’s relationship with Hoopz, and their TREMENDOUS difference in size. “It looks to me like you are taking your daughter to Kindergarten. How does this even work?”. Shaq revealed to Jimmy that Hoopz can actually carry him on her back and later brought her out on stage to prove it. Continue reading

Did Shaq & Hoopz Elope Over The Weekend?No Pre-Nup??????

According to a few of our street contacts Shaquille O’Neal and his fiance Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander eloped over the weekend!

A very reliable source told  MTO that the couple wed on a whim. The insider explained, “There was no planning or anything They just went and got married. [Shaq] didn’t talk to his accountants or lawyers . . . there’s no pre-nup.”

Ok Big homie we are not mad at you for lockin’ “Hoopz” up.We would have done the same thing,but NO pre-nup???Say it ain’t so Shaq!..Damn,Hoopz musta put that same thing on Shaq that Erykah Badu put on Andre’ 3000 that had him wearing a George Washington wig,football shoulder pads,& roller blades.

We see you Hoopz!Congrats!