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Love & Hip-Hop’s Somaya Reece and X.O. reveal new bodies on Twitter

Somaya Reece revealed a few months ago that she was considering a breast reduction to minimize the 40E cup baggage she was carrying around – which was giving her back problems amongst other things. The Love & Hip-Hop star went through with the surgery days later and she’s now in recovery. Continue reading

Hip-Hop wives reality show to hit VH1

WORD HAS IT that VH1 has a new “wives” show to add to their line up, this time  – Hip Hop Wives and Girlfriends.   The show, which is set to premiere in March, will feature MaShonda (ex-wife of producer Swizz Beatz), stylist Emily B (girlfriend/baby moms to rapper Fabolous), Chrissy Lampkin (wife of rapper Jim Jones), Somaya Reece (ex-girlfriend of Joe Budden), and Olivia (R&B singer). According to Vibe Magazine:

The series will follow the women as they balance personal relationships and making it in the entertainment industry. Cameras will show Emily and Chrissy trying to lock their men down while Olivia and Somaya give viewers a look at what upcoming artists forgo to get ahead in the music game.

Pop the hood to see the cast: Continue reading