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Tweet & T-Low From R&B Group NEXT Stop By the A.M. Caffeine Morning Show

Tweet and T-Low from the R&B group NEXT stopped by the A.M. Caffeine Show and talk about their rise from Gary, Indiana, making it as young black men, and life in a platinum selling group!

Blac Chyna Goes In On Tyga: Be Loyal to a F**k N***a? Never Again!


The recent breakup between YMCMB artist Tyga and his girlfriend of 4 years Blac Chyna seemed to be a quiet one, but it appears there may be some hard feelings on at least one of their behalf.

The former King of Diamonds stripper recently took to Twitter to vent about her relationship, calling her ex and the father of her son a “f*** n****” that she was loyal to and “never cheated” on.

video_image-345919 video_image-345920Chyna sounds a tad bit butt hurt.  We wonder what REALLY happened!








‘Too Close’ singer Raphael “Tweet” Brown from the R&B group Next “I Never Hit My Wife” She’s EVIL & A Racist Stripper

Raphael Brown is UNLOADING on his estranged wife … calling her a violent, manipulative stripper — a monster who’s engaged in a vicious campaign to smear him … according to court docs.


Brown filed a CRAZY 250 page document in response to accusations made by Juliette Gil-Brown … who claims the former Next singer beat her on multiple occasions, even when she was pregnant.
In the docs — obtained by TMZ —  he argues his wife has gone off the deep end … flying into a jealous rage after she saw pics of him on vacation with his girlfriend.

He claims:

-Juliette’s own mother told him “the devil had taken over [Juliette’s] soul” adding, “she’s crazy.”

-His wife changed her Facebook status to “widowed” after threatening to slit his throat.

-His wife verbally attacked a female fan on Facebook, telling her to “stay the f*** off my husband’s page” … even though the fan is a cancer patient who enjoys his music.

-Juliette (who’s not Black) goes on racist rants on social media, calling him “a dirty n****r” and saying he’s “the reason n****rs” are dying of AIDS.”

Brown goes on and on … denying he’s ever been abusive to his children, noting he even got temporary custody of his then 7-month old son when Juliette was in jail.  He also denies looking at porn around the kids, calling the accusation ironic since she’s a stripper.

We called Juliette for a response … and she told us, “He is a dirty n****r … because he fits the stereotype of what a Black, ghetto person is.” She also claims her mother can’t stand Brown and would never say bad things about her to him.

Shots Fired!!

New Music: 90s Songbird Tweet Covers Aretha Franklin’s “Day Dreaming”

90s song bird Tweet is back with new music and we couldn’t be more excited!

Tweet dropped a cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Day Dreaming” earlier this week for her new series #TweetTuesdays where she plans to drop new music on Tuesdays that will not appear on her upcoming album “Simply Tweet”.

Pop the hood to listen:

What do you think?

Mase Signing With G.O.O.D Music?

Former Bad Boy artist turned Pastor Mason Betha may be next to join Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean and Teyana Taylor over at G.O.O.D Music.  The Summer Jam performer tweeted “WOW… I just got a G.O.O.D offer!!!” leading us to believe that he is the latest addition to Yeezy’s roster!

If so, it would be a great look for Mase who was recently released from his contract with Diddy!

Mase quickly deleted the tweet but not before our folks over at Rhymes With Switch were able to take a screen shot!