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Jay-Z Releases Star-Studded Short for Family Feud, directed by Ava Duvernay

As DJ Khaled would say…Another One! Jay-Z drops another music video/short film from the Grammy-nominated “4:44” album that is now available to the masses on Youtube after premiering on his TIDAL streaming service.

“Family Feud” stars Jay-Z alongside Beyonce and Blue Ivy, with tons of cameos from the likes of Michael B. Jordan, Omari Hardwick, Thandie Newton, America Ferreria, Brie Larson, Niecy Nash and Rosario Dawson.

There has been some backlash from those in the Catholic community who feel the video is “gratuitous” and “exploitive.” Nevertheless the video shows Jay confessing his infidelities to Preistess Bey in a stunning creative visual piece.

WATCH HERE and let us know what you think….

No U Aint of the Day: Downlow teenage boys make a hot rap song!

Gucci Mane might not be too happy with these two rapping over his beat, but we have to admit….their rhymes are better than half of the rappers out right now!

Steve Harvey issues an official response to his ex-wife’s allegations

Uh oh!  It doesn’t look like this situation with Steve Harvey and his ex-wife Mary is going away anytime soon.  Steve Harvey issued the following statement about Mary’s accusations:

I know the truth. But the matter is, the part that’s hurtful in this is my wife and children had to be drugged [sic] into this. If you’re going to be vindictive go ahead and aim it at me, but my son is coming in the room crying. And that’s also her son. So why you would do this? And I don’t even understand the purpose of it. I mean, I got you mad 12 years ago, that’s what we’re doing now? And here’s the thing that my father always taught me. He said, ‘Son there’s three sides to every story. It’s their side, it’s your side, and it’s the truth.’ And the truth ‘gon come out. Because see, once you go public then you allow people to start asking some other types of questions. Continue reading

Antoine Dodson lands reality show deal

via Pop Crunch

He’s climbing through your window and snatching reality TV up! Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife, and hide yo’ TiVo, ‘cause Antoine Dodson’s headed for a network near you…….So, “you can tell THAT, homeboy!”

 Dodson, 24, became an internet sensation when his interview about the attempted rape of his sister in a housing project in Huntsville, Alabama on the local news received more than 67 million hits and was adapted into an auto-tuned iTunes hit in the Summer of 2010. Continue reading

Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance writes a rather interesting apology letter….WTH is “humgruffin”?

Here we go again.  Raz B’s brother Ricky Romance wants to apologize for his part in the corny beef between Raz B and Chris Brown. A few weeks ago, he made a youtube video threatening to bust a cap in C-Breezy’s ass if he ever saw him in LA.  Now he’s releasing this bootleg apology via TMZ.  Pop the hood to see what Ricky Romance had to say: Continue reading